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Author – Michael Pattarozzi

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Sadie and Claire The Fire Horses is my first book for children.
Prior to jumping into the deep end of the children’s literature pool, my writing was limited to a master’s thesis, an article in an obscure martial arts magazine, and thousands of patient reports as a paramedic.
I enjoy developing characters and stories that children will cherish and bond with. Stories that entertain, educate, and present life lessons. I am also working on a novel about the Ludlow massacre of twelve children, two women and three men by the Colorado National Guard in 1914. It is most definitely not a children’s book.
Michael Pattarozzi retired after thirty-five years as a firefighter. He lives in Parker, Colorado, with his wife, Jennifer, three dogs, three horses, and whatever animal is scurrying around on the roof. “Sadie and Claire, The Fire Horses” is his first children’s book. It will not be his last.

"Sadie and Claire, The Fire Horses" is the first in what will be a series of books.